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GABION SUPPLY now offers GEO CELL Systems ... an innovative geo-synthetic product constructed of light weight, expandable panels made from polyethylene strips ultrasonically bonded together to produce a flexible cellular confinement system

A variety of materials can be filled into the cellular system including: soil, sand, sod, aggregate, concrete, etc.



The variety of infill materials provides a versatile and economical geosynthetic solution for many applications including:

  • Slope Protection: Prevents sliding by providing sufficient weight at the foot and along the face of the slope.
  • Earth Protection: Prevents erosion actions of wind and water on exposed soils.
  • Channel Protection: Protects channel slopes from soil erosion and confines the infill materials of channel bed and banks.

Textured or Smooth:

The decision to use Smooth or Textured is up to the customer. The main benefit from using Textured over Smooth is the higher degree of frictional interaction between the infill material and the geocell wall. This results in increases of the stiffness of the system by reducing the ability of a shear plane developing between the infill and the cell wall. With larger aggregate this difference is negated.

Slope Protection Applications:

Most slope protection applications utilize 4 - 6 in depth, standard cell sections. However, this is a function of (1) the potential minimum angle of repose (fiction angle) of the infill material, (2) the slope inclination, (3) the slope length of the individual cell, (4) the depth of the cell, and (5) the characteristics of the infill material.

Cell size is governed by slope geometry and design cover thickness.

Steep slopes must have global stability or be internally reinforced before application of the geocell system. The single-layer geocell system has been used on slopes as steep as 60 degrees. The controlling factors are the angle of repose (friction angle) of the infill material and slope inclination. Steep slope applications will require additional anchoring mechanisms such as polymeric tendons with the anchor system.

Anchor methods used to secure the geocell system to a slope include wood stakes, metal J-pins, and other earth / tension anchors. Stakes bear against the top of the cell wall or against tendons passing through the cell. Anchor array spacing is determined through static analysis methods.


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