Gabions offer excellent protection as soil stabilizers around bridges, bridge piers and abutment slopes. Generally, the degree of the slope to be protected shall determine what structure type is best suited for a specific application. Slopes with an angle of 1:1 or steeper usually  require standard gabion retaining wall protection. Slopes with an angle of 1:1.5 or less may use a combination of gabion baskets and/or mattresses for slope protection.

Reliable Gabion Bridge Abutments for Construction Sites

For more than 100 years, wire mesh gabions have been used for land management purposes. They prevent soil erosion into channels, streams, rivers and other waterways. These products help with sediment control in all types of environments, and they do so without harming wildlife or the environment.

How Gabions and Reno Mattresses Prevent Soil Erosion

Gabions are flexible double-layer wire mesh systems. They stop the movement of soil from erosion caused by heavy rains, snow or ice melt and man-made conditions. The gabions are anchored at the top and bottom of a steep slope.

The flexibility of the material of a gabion or Reno mattress allows it to move when rocks and soil become saturated from groundwater, rainwater or ice or snow. Because the flexible mesh is filled with hard crushed stone, it keeps soil particles out of areas where you don't want them to be. The high tensile strength, pull-apart resistance and corrosion resistance mean they keep working in all weather and environmental conditions. Water can drain through, but the soil particles won't move through the Reno mattress or gabion.

Benefits of Gabions in a Bridge Protection System

Bridges are often built on steep embankments, so the pilings require plenty of soil for stabilization. Bridge abutment slopes are an integral part of the bridge's infrastructure. The gabions function as silt fences against erosion around the bridge pilings. They adapt to changes in the soil structure, move with frost and freeze cycles and prevent damage caused by static fluid.

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