Gabions & Wire Mesh Panels ... the latest ideas in landscaping

Gabion landscaping walls and fencing is now the latest idea in residential fencing and soil retention solutions and is specified by many landscape contractors and architects for new homes and renovations

Landscaping with Gabions is a well-tried and environmentally friendly construction system

The wire baskets, which are filled with natural stones, blend harmoniously into the landscape

For the DO IT YOURSELFER it's an easy task to lay out and construct your own retention wall or fence 


If you are searching for a way to update your landscaping, we can help. Our high-quality gabion wall systems offer a fresh look at outdoor landscaping. Gabions are strong mesh walls that are filled with a variety of natural-looking products like rocks, sand, soil, or concrete.

They come in all shapes and sizes, due to the flexible nature of the mesh panels. Our large selection of inventory makes it easy for you to find the right look for your outdoor space.

Gabion walls are the perfect solution for making a safe and attractive space on your property. They add a unique and natural design element to any yard. They are kid-friendly and good for the environment too.

Gabion retainers also help with soil erosion and sediment control, and they provide a drainage system to reduce standing water. Gabions are affordable, easy to install, and a sustainable solution for your landscaping needs.