Dura-Flex Double Twisted Wire Mesh Gabions

GABION SUPPLY is the exclusive U.S. supplier of DURA-FLEX Gabion baskets and mattresses in Galvanized or Galvanized w/ PVC coated steel wire mesh.


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DURA-FLEX Gabions are double twisted hexagonal woven galvanized steel wire mesh baskets with a rectangular box shape. Mounted within are diaphragms that form equal size compartments or cells. The compartments or cells are filled with natural stone and the diaphragms minimize stone migration within the basket and providing even distribution of the stone fill throughout the basket even after structural movement.

Our DURA-FLEX GABION BASKETS and "RENO" MATTRESSES are pre-assembled in the factory and shipped flat to the job site. Installation consists of erecting, placement, wiring and filling with stone. Gabions can be used for various applications including: retaining walls, soil retaining structures, stream and river bank protection, slope paving, outfall structures, weirs, check dams, etc.

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Our DURA-FLEX aka "RENO" Mattresses are low profile / mattress shaped (rectangular) baskets constructed of double twisted hexagonal woven galvanized steel wire with internal diaphragms that create compartments or cells. The compartment or cells are of equal dimensions and spacing to provide even distribution of the stone fill throughout the mattress even after structural movement. Even distribution of the stone fill ensures that the Reno Mattress maintains intimate contact with the foundation soil.

Double Twisted Mesh Gabions & Reno Mattresses are commonly used for channel linings, river training, soil retention, slope stabilization, and other applications successfully throughout the world for over 100 years. Double Twisted Mesh Gabions & Reno Mattresses offer many advantages over other types of construction materials. Some of the advantages offered by double twisted mesh gabions & reno mattresses are flexibility, durability, strength, permeability, ecology, reliability, longevity, low cost, and an aesthetic appearance.


One of the most important advantages of double twisted mesh gabions & reno mattresses is their flexibility both for the individual unit and the overall gabion or reno mattress structure. The Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh construction of the gabion units permits it to tolerate soil irregularities or differential settlement without failure. This property is especially important when a structure is on unstable soil conditions or in areas where scour from wave action or currents can undermine the toe of the structure and cause structural settlement.


DURA-FLEX GABION BASKETS & RENO MATTRESSES constructed from high strength double twisted hexagonal mesh filled with natural hard durable stone and connected together to create a monolithic mass structure capable of undergoing structural movement without any loss of structural integrity creating a highly durable structure.


DURA-FLEX Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh GABION BASKETS & RENO MATTRESSES have the strength and flexibility to withstand forces generated by water and earth masses. The most important and relevant strength characteristics of design standards are the mesh punch strength, mesh tensile strength, pull apart resistance strength of the mesh, and corrosion resistance of the mesh. The strength values of the double twisted mesh are represented in ASTM A975-97.

You can save up to 30% of your labor costs on installing DuraFlex gabions by utilizing hog rings and a pneumatic hog ring gun.  Check out our page on hog rings below including pricing and information on how many hog rings are needed per gabion.

Twisted Wire Gabions are defined as double twisted woven wire mesh box shaped baskets of various sizes and dimensions.

The selvedges of the gabion baskets are the thicker perimeter and edge wires to which the wire mesh is secured. Reinforcing wires are the thicker wires incorporated into the netting during fabrication.

Diaphragms are internal wire mesh panels that divide the gabions into cells.

Lacing or tie wire is used to assemble and join the gabion units together.

Connecting wires are the internal wires used to prevent the gabion walls from bulging Hi-tensile steel Hog ring "C" fasteners are ASTM approved wire fasteners that may be used in lieu of lacing wire.