Gabion Fence & Stone Privacy Wall

Gabion Fences

A gabion fence or wall can be a great option for both residential and commercial landscapes. The term "gabion" comes from the Italian word "gabbione," which means "big cage." Effectively, a big cage does, in fact, form the framework of gabion walls and fences. The cages are fashioned from wire or galvanized steel and then filled with rocks, gravel, cement, natural materials, or even leftover construction materials. Gabion fences and walls make sturdy outdoor structures that provide a number of benefits.

Reasons to Install a Gabion Fence

If you’re looking for an alternative fence concept to traditional fencing, a gabion fence may make sense for your landscape. This type of fence relies on mesh grids filled with gravel that act as pillars or posts between sections of fencing. The fence material could be anything from reclaimed wood to metal. Alternatively, some people opt for gabion walls that provide a more solid barrier.

Some benefits of gabion fences include:

Sustainability: use reclaimed materials or natural materials to fill a gabion structure

Fast construction: quick and relatively easy to install, depending on the fill material

Design versatility: many options for fencing styles that will blend into nearly any landscape design

Durability: construction with galvanized steel provides a durable frame, and filling the cages with a layer of gravel and other rock materials makes for strong garden fences

Permanent or temporary: may be designed to last or suitable as a temporary gabion structure that can easily be moved

Like other fence options, a gabion fence can delineate property borders, keep pets in the yard, or even provide a structure for climbing plants.

Reasons to Install a Gabion Wall

A gabion wall is similar to a fence; the only difference is that the structure resembles a wall and tends to be thicker than a fence. These walls rely on the use of gabion cages — usually multiple cage sections and fill material. The cages resemble heavy-duty wire baskets. Once set in place, they can be filled with a wide array of materials to form a relatively solid but still permeable wall. Usually, property owners fill the gabion structure with rock material such as gravel and large river stones. Some people might fill the mesh grid with pieces of wood or even broken pieces of cement for a decorative effect.

Some advantages of gabion walls include:

Permeability: provide privacy but are also permeable, so they allow for good air circulation and water drainage

Erosion control: ideal for use on terraces or slopes, and are an affordable means of erosion control

Eco-friendly: can be fashioned using reclaimed or sustainable materials

Privacy: provide excellent barriers between properties or to enclose gardens or patios to create a private ambience

Strong: no cement foundation required as the strength comes from a level base and filling of gravel and heavy-duty rock material

Gabion walls can be constructed in many different styles using a variety of fill material. Build small walls or a larger structure, depending on your landscape requirements.

Why Choose a Free-Standing Rock-Filled Wire Mesh Wall / Fence?

Gabion structures offer tremendous versatility. Many property owners love the idea of installing impermanent gabion fencing. As their fence or garden wall needs change, they can uninstall and reinstall the structure. While offering durability, the walls can be dismantled and even transported with ease.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Gabion Walls and Fences?

We've discussed a number of advantages, but one distinctive advantage of both of these structures is that they are incredibly customizable. Property owners can create aesthetically pleasing structures that complement their home or commercial property. Disadvantages of these structures might include:
Challenging to build alone: Many people opt to hire a contractor for help constructing their larger gabion structures, such as tall walls. The mesh cages can be labor-intensive to fill, especially if using heavy rock material. Some people might opt to rent equipment to help with the lifting.

Not universally loved: Not everyone finds gabion walls and fences attractive, but this can depend on their fill material. If you’re thinking about selling your property, you might want to consider options for fencing carefully before you install any type of fence or wall on your property.

Are Gabion Walls / Fences Cost Effective?

Yes, they are cost-effective structures to build. In fact, by using reclaimed materials, you can save considerably in comparison with traditional fencing and wall construction materials. One of the many reasons people install gabion structures is their affordability.

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