If you’re looking for a unique outdoor seating arrangement, we have gabion benches that will add style to any backyard. Gabion benches are made from a sturdy wire mesh base that is filled with rocks or concrete.


Once the gabion cages are prepared, a sturdy board is mounted on top of the gabions. The mesh wire cages make it possible to design benches of different dimensions. They are uniquely suited for outdoor patios, green spaces, front yards, or near the fire pit.


Our custom gabion seats and benches can be arranged in a variety of ways. They make a perfect gathering area for large groups, or we can show you our smaller arrangements for a more intimate effect. Gabion seats and benches add a beautiful and natural element to your backyard. The gabions can be filled with different rock types, colors and textures to match your design scheme.


We have different wire mesh sizes that will help you create your unique gabion benches. You can even make gabion counters and tables using our mesh supplies. Gabions made from quality products will give your outdoor area a sleek look while being cost-effective and eco-friendly. Gabion furniture can withstand the elements and they don’t require a lot of maintenance. They’re a great choice when it comes to outdoor furniture.