DURA-WALL gabion wall veneer is an architectural concept consisting of narrow width (6" - 12") welded wire mesh gabion baskets securely anchored to a structural wall then filled in place with rocks... resulting in a durable natural stone face veneer.

Constructed of heavy gauge ( 9 or 6 ga) galvanized steel wire mesh, the veneer can be applied almost any time of the year without the use of heavy equipment or skilled labor to fill the gabions ... and a life expectancy of over 75 years.

Gabion stone veneers sometimes called gabion cladding is becoming more and more popular. Used in both interior and exterior applications it is easy to add a natural stone aesthetic mixed with the modern look of the surrounding gabion cage. While it still takes a little physical labor to install a gabion veneer, you don’t have to be an artisan to end up with a great looking finished product.

Should you hire a contractor to install a gabion stone veneer?

Higher Quality of Work

Contractors are generally experienced and have an eye for placing the stone. While a gabion veneer system makes it easier to install for a DIYer it also makes it easier for a contractor to install a stone veneer system. Their expertise really comes into play when deciding on a tie back or support system for the gabion veneer facing.

Saves You Time and Labor

While gabion veneers do not require as much artisan expertise as a natural stacked stone veneer with grout they do still require moving large quantities of stone so you should definitely take this in to account when deciding what value to place on hiring a contractor to install the products.

Saves You Money

As mentioned above, you are moving a large volume of stone. A contractor is more likely to have the expertise not to make a mistake during the install whether it is the basket system, tie back system or stone fill. Any mistakes made causing you to redo your work is compounded by the volume of stone as you get further into the install.

Having gone over the advantages of hiring a contractor to install you gabion veneer or cladding project it is definitely doable for a capable DIYer and we are always here to help.

When Should You Install a Gabion Stone Veneer?

Gabion stone veneers can be installed in most weather as you don’t have to worry about the moisture level in grout like a traditional stone veneer. The gabions baskets are placed and then the stone is just stacked inside the gabion basket as part of the cladding system. And of course the weather doesn’t matter when you are installing a gabion veneer in the interior of a house.

What are the Benefits of a Gabion Stone Veneer?

Versatile Applications

One of the best things about a gabion stone veneer is the nearly limitless fill material options that can be contained within the gabion cages. By being able to customize the gabion mesh specifications including wire diameter and mesh sizing you can utilize round, odd sizes, and various styles of rock to easily achieve a unique and beautiful aesthetic as part of an accent wall, an exterior wall, a fireplace, or a plethora of other uses.

Long Lasting

With our high quality steel and durable stone, a gabion veneer system will last a lifetime.

Cost Savings

A gabion stone veneer allows you to use a variety of stone options giving you more flexibility in your budget. Also, the ease of installation means nearly anyone with a little bit of patience and practice can install a beautiful finished aesthetic without the cost of an old word artisan craftsman.

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