We sell gabions throughout the US including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada and the Caribbean.

When shipping outside the continental US we generally arrange delivery to the export port for consolidated LCL shipment to the final port of delivery with the final leg of delivery and tariffs and taxes to be arranged by the customer.

Domestically, deliveries come via flatbed truck on larger orders or 18 wheeler trailer type trucks for less than truck load deliveries. Domestic shipping charges are calculated based on the freight class, weight and dimensions of the shipment and receiving location (zip code). In addition to your zip code, we will need to know if the delivery address is a residence or business. Most shipments go by common carrier freight lines including FEDEX freight and UPS freight.

Deliveries to a residence are basically “curb-side deliveries” and usually incur a premium … note you will save money if you have access to a business location with a loading dock or unloading equipment or you can arrange for delivery and pick up at a local truck terminal. If delivery is to a residence and you do not have unloading equipment, then the truck will have to be equipped with a hydraulic lift gate. The delivery company will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. Usually you will get a call a day or two ahead of time or at least be given a three to four hour window. The truck will normally pull up to the curb and if the truck does not have a lift gate, you will be responsible for getting the item off the back of the semi-truck. A lift gate is a hydraulic lift that is attached to the back of a truck that can lower freight to the ground. Sometimes the drivers will help but they are not obligated in any way to help. There is no guarantee that the truck will come with a lift gate unless you order a lift gate delivery for an additional charge. The charge for a guaranteed lift gate varies by trucker. These deliveries will be made with a full size Semi-Truck ranging from 20 to 53 feet in length. It WILL NOT be a box truck like a brown UPS or FedEx package delivery truck. We cannot request a certain length of truck for final delivery, so please assume it will be a long truck. The driver is only required to deliver curbside at the end of your driveway, it will be your responsibility from there. Most drivers will deliver to accommodate you up your driveway if they can drive up and turn around but it is up to them to decide that. If you have a driveway or live on a road that is not accessible for a freight truck then you will need to meet the driver at the next nearest point or plan on picking up at their local terminal. 

Expedited deliveries can be arranged at an additional cost to buyer.