Why Use Landscape Glass Rocks vs. Other Options?

Rock glass offers an age-old, aesthetically appealing appearance to a wide range of garden styles. The glass is durable, which ensures a long-lasting look long after your first installation. Some of the benefits of landscape glass rocks include the following:

Glass rocks are good for the environment: Glass mulch is often recycled from other glass sources, such as broken glassware, windows and windscreens. This means that fewer glass products end up in landfills. These recycled glass pebbles are also highly durable, which means it will be several years before you need to replace them or top them up. Simply give them a good rinse with water to clean them up. Other garden products might not be as environmentally friendly, such as bark mulch, which might contain chemicals such as chromate copper arsenate.

Aesthetically pleasing: Landscaping glass comes in a variety of colors. While mixed glass is cheaper, opting for individual colors allows you the freedom to create works of art. Landscape projects that need some visual interest can benefit from an intricately designed landscape glass layout. Thanks to their reflective nature, these pebbles also work well in water environments such as ponds and fountains.

Effective mulch: Loosely packed glass mulch can work for almost any garden type to keep the soil healthy and free from weeds. For sandy soils, keep the mulch tightly packed for the best results. Glass landscaping rocks work well as mulch as they don't absorb the water, allowing it to travel down to the soil and keeping moisture levels optimal. This is especially handy in drought-prone regions.

What are the Types of Landscape Glass Rocks?

There are different types of landscape glass to use in various garden settings:
Small glass rocks (1/4" to 1/2"): This size is best suited if your looking to do a ground cover look or mulching. The smaller pieces are lightweight materials and won't weigh the plants down.

Medium to large (1/2" to 2"): These glass pebbles are used for decorative purposes and look great in garden beds and water features. When used as mulch, they might weigh the plants down too much.

When Should You Choose Landscape Glass Rock?

Recycled glass rock works well if you want to create a more aesthetic garden and don't mind a little bit of upkeep. Here's what to consider before choosing recycled glass rock products:

The size of your garden: If you're buying landscape glass rocks for your entire garden, it's important to measure each cubic foot that requires glass rocks. For larger gardens, you may want to use the rocks in specific garden beds or applications, as the initial cost might be a little more pricey than other garden products such as mulch.

The look you're going for: There is hardly a garden style that won't look better with glass, but choosing the colors to complement your style is important.

You want to be more eco-responsible: Recycled glass is a great way to start your eco-conscious journey. Not only are you helping to reduce the load in landfills, but you're also using a material that doesn't have to be changed out every couple of months. With the right upkeep, you can have your glass pebbles for years.

You're willing to do some cleanup: Glass rocks require some maintenance to look good, as they can collect dust. Simply rinse them with some water, and you're good to go.

Landscape glass rock provides an extra layer of charm to gardens with its reflective qualities, plus there's the added benefit of durability. At Gabion Supply, we source high-quality recycled rocks that are 100% recycled and in various sizes to suit your garden needs.