Sack gabions are cylindrical wire mesh baskets constructed of double twisted galvanized steel or galvanized steel with PVC coating. They are pre-assembled in the factory, folded flat and bundled for truck shipping. Lacing wire is shipped separately.

When filled with stones, sack gabions can are used in river control and various emergency applications.

Sack Gabion Assembly and Placement

Sack Gabions are shipped with all components connected and ready to erect .
The folded Sack Gabion units shall be taken out from the bundle and placed on a hard flat surface. They shall be opened, unfolded and pressed out to their original shape ready for assembly.

Foundation Preparation

The foundation on which the Sack Gabions are to be placed need not be leveled and graded as Sack Gabions are used for the purposes of providing a firm platform in areas where poor founding conditions exist or in areas where founding occurs in the wet.

Appropriate measures shall be taken for separation of the foundation layer from the rock filled Sack Gabion in accordance with the project specifications (geotextile, drain works, etc.). Geotextiles required to be installed behind or underneath.


Sack Gabions are assembled by rolling the mesh panel into a cylindrical shape and overlapping the selvedged edges. By pulling and tightening the lateral spiral wire, the edges are secured. Excess spiral wire shall be secured around the selvedge wire by looping and twisting the wire around itself. Once the longitudinal overlap is secured, the one end of the cylinder can be laced closed. This is accomplished by pulling the two ends of the bottom spiral tightly together and securing by again looping and twisting the wire around itself. Care shall be taken to avoid damaging the wire coating. The remaining end of the cylinder is left open to allow the Sack Gabion to be filled with suitable stone.


To facilitate placement, Sack Gabions can be placed individually or in pairs, provided they are laced together. When lifting Sack Gabions, care should be taken to lift the Sack Gabion by the thicker wire.

Unlike cheap imports, our gabions are quality constructed to conform to:
U.S. Federal Specifications:  ASTM A974-97 QQ-W-461H Class 3, ASTM A-641, ASTM A-90, ASTM A-185